Most of stand-up veteran Vinnie Favorito’s comedy comes from his finely honed ability to think on his feet. Scripted material just isn’t a priority for this Boston-born comic who earned his stripes at the Improv and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. On his second stage appearance ever, Favorito won a Top 40 Star Search Competition, simply on the strength of his natural wit. More than two decades after his auspicious debut, the comedian has been headlining in Vegas since 2003. Checking out this razor-sharp mind at work has some interesting consequences, as you just might find yourself the target of an old-style roast because Favorito is a master of crowd-work and audience interaction.

Favorito typically begins his routine with a monologue, not unusual in the stand-up world. But it gets progressively more interesting from there as the comic then focuses on the audience, targeting many of its members. No one is safe from his comic insults (and yet, everyone seems to love it). The fun element with Favorito comes not just from his insults, but because he mixes them in with sharp observations on current events.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself being compared to the latest political or celebrity scandal monger, which keeps every show he does fresh and unique. Favorito has been known to roast such celebs as Tom Arnold, Magic Johnson, Pat O’Brien and even Larry King, but non-famous audience members aren’t safe from his laser-sharp insults either. It doesn’t matter how respectable you really are; Favorito will find a way to show you how to laugh at yourself.

You might already be familiar with Favorito, as he’s appeared on the Best Damn Sports Show Period, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and a variety of Comedy Central shows. He’s been performing on television and in comedy clubs for over 20 years. If you’re looking for safe and politically correct humor, then this off the cuff funny show probably isn’t for you… but if you want some edgy and raw unfiltered comedy with bite, Vinnie just might become your new Favorito.

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